Below you will find the available conference speaker presentations in downloadable Adobe PDF format. Only presentations that are released by speakers are listed.

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Presenter Session File Size
Tuesday, July 7    
Graeme Frazier Anatomy of Market Multiples 524 kb
Brent Solomon Anatomy of Market Multiples 414 kb
Mike Adhikari Anatomy of Market Multiples 474 kb
Chris Blees Attract New Clients Using Market Data 363 kb
Dr. Carl Sheeler Collaboration to Closure 1.13 MB
Harvey Strode Collaboration to Closure 1.03 MB
Kerri Salls Transition Planning And Transaction Execution 363 kb
Wednesday, July 8    
Michael Ertel & Shane Hansen Campaign for Clarity 743 kb
Kyle P. Madden, Rich Prestegaard, Jennifer Ehlen, Randolph Bianchi & Gretchen Perkins Generate the Right Deal Flow 767 kb
Thursday, July 9    
Thomas Gay Tools of the Trade for New Business Development 4.58 MB
Kenneth Marks Taking a Deal from 3X to 7X 491 kb
Basil Peters Taking a Deal from 3X to 7X 331 kb
Jeffrey Mortimer

Today’s M&A Environment: How Long Will It Last?

283 kb