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7/16/14 – Online Registration closes July 16

7/7/14 – See who’s attending the Summer Conference.

6/18/14 – Need approval to attend? Use our Justification Toolkit!

6/11/14 – Check out the special events at the 2014 Conference

5/16/14 – New sponsors sign on to support the Summer Conference.

5/14/14 – Agenda updated with new sessions/speakers

Who Should Attend

The conference attracts 500+ middle market professionals, with 60% of attendees represented by deal makers.

Learn more about this influential group.

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Get Approval to Attend the 2014 Summer Conference


Letter of Request Template

Cost/Benefit Worksheet

20 Reasons to Attend

We understand that getting budget approval can be challenging, but most institutions understand the investment when they see the clear ROI in attending the 2014 AM&AA Summer Conference.

To help you communicate the value of attending, we developed this easy-to-use template to show how the Conference will strengthen your performance and benefit your company. To help make your case to management, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1
Review the Conference program and identify which sessions you feel would most benefit you, your team and your organization's bottom line. Each of the Conference sessions provides you with innovative dealmaking strategies, the latest industry tools, updates on new regulations and expert insight into last year's most dynamic deals.

Step 2
Evaluate the Conference networking opportunities and the list of Sponsors/Exhibitors. Consider the business opportunities that could develop from establishing connections with the industry's brightest professionals and AM&AA dealmakers, as well as the positive impact these relationships may have on your organization's ROI.

Step 3
Share with your manager these money saving opportunities:
• The AM&AA registration fee includes three meal functions, as well as refreshments. This saves your organization some meal expenditures.
• AM&AA has arranged special Conference hotel room rates, beginning at just $249/night, plus tax. Rooms can be reserved online via the Conference website, or call (800) 344-4758.

Step 4
Complete a letter of request and review the cost/benefit worksheet — which you can use as a guide to create your own cost/benefit analysis — and submit the information to your management. These documents will help you demonstrate the value of attending the Conference.

Need additional talking points?  View the Top 20 Reasons to Attend the 2014 Summer Conference.