Congratulations to Our Finalists!

We are very pleased to announce our top finalists for the 2015 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year Award. The winner will be announced at the 2016 Winter Conference.

  • Bo Burlingham, an Author who wrote "Finish Big: How Great Entrepreneurs Exit Their Companies on Top". This book takes readers through the entire exit process from the business owners’ point of view. The content is extremely insightful for bankers, brokers and intermediaries looking to win sell side mandates as it gives them a fresh perspective on how sellers think, how to understand their goals and give them the best experience possible.

  • Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, a Professor of International Business at Brandeis University and Co-Director of Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship, advances the theory of “Remix Strategy“ as a way for mergers and acquisitions to be more effective. His work is shared with students at Brandeis University and to the business community via the Asper Center for Global Entrepreneurship. His research and teaching are helping to influence a new generation of business leaders who will look at their companies, and enterprise opportunities, in a different way. Advisors can benefit from these theories as a path to help clients achieve their goals. His book advances the idea that greater economic value can be created by combining resources in a respectful way with both participants through alliances, contracts and mergers.

  • Angela Martin, Esq., Shareholder and the Corporate Department Chair at Devine, Millimet and Branch Professional Association, has co-authored and developed “An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business in New Hampshire,” which is a comprehensive publication that provides entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with detailed information and guidance on various legal issues related to creating start-up businesses in New Hampshire.  The Guide explains in clear and concise language formation issues, taxes, employment matters, financing, real estate, intellectual property and other topics crucial to entrepreneurs.  The Guide has played a crucial role in helping to rebuild the crumbling entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystem in New Hampshire that resulted from the 2008 and 2009 recession.  Since 2010, Martin has led formation of more than 400 small businesses in New Hampshire.

  • Ken Sanginario, Founder of Corporate Value Metrics, has created a CM&AA course, and slide deck, on Maximizing Value and Transaction Readiness. Sanginario’s unique proprietary process, groundbreaking software, and education leadership, has made him a leading national authority on how to transform companies to achieve maximum value and transaction readiness. Sanginario’s work has resulted in the first ever process to individually link nearly 400 qualitative factors to the determination of a company’s value and ability to sell. The process Sanginario has laid out has the potential to convert the M&A industry from being solely focused on “hunting” for transactions to, instead, being able to “cultivate” future deals in a methodical, manageable, value-maximizing way.

  • Carl Sheeler, a Managing Director, Global Group Leader of Family Office & Business Strategies, from Berkeley Research Group, LLC, authored “Equity Value Enhancement: A Tool to Leverage Human and Financial Capital While Managing Risk.” The advisory community serves a significant role in not only identifying and measuring risk associated with an operating business as part of the traditional legal and financial due diligence; but to manage the risk and leverage the human capital such that value is not only known, but is created. This work promotes strategic activities for clients who are not accustomed to a holistic approach that places as much focus on human as it does on financial capital; thereby providing the entire gamut of different types of advisors and their clients a road map to elevate intangible assets.

  • About the Award
    The Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisers (AM&AA) instituted the Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year Award to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the middle market M&A profession. It recognizes those in the M&A community that create and advocate ideas that add value to the industry, thereby adding value to the AM&AA's education and credentialing programs, such as the Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) credential.

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    Previous Awards Winners

    2014 Winner
    Dr. J Keith Dunbar, Founder/CEO, Potentious

    2013 Winners
    Andrew T. Greenberg, CEO of GF Data Resources
    Peter R. Worrell, Founder of Bigelow LLC

    2012 Winner
    Theodore Koenig, President and CEO of Monroe Capital

    2011 Winners:
    Rob Slee, Robertson & Foley
    Dr. John Paglia, Pepperdine University

    2010 Joint Winners:
    Chris Mellen, Delphi Valuation Advisors, Inc and Frank Evans, of Evans and Associates

    2009 Joint Winners:
    Dr. Art Laffer and co-authors William J. Hass and Shepherd G. Pryor IV